¿ Who are we ?


Bahia de Banderas is a a privilaged place with great natural material and immaterial wealth, which makes the region a unique place full of traditions and history, making it a natural cultural and artistic paradise, it is a place surrounded by mointains, it has rivers, beaches, abundant fauna, impressive landscapes that make the municipality a place with wide national and international recognition.

The accelerated growth has caused that in some cases the conservation protection and maintenance of our natural wealth have been dismished, and if it continues to grow without the proper sustainable planning, the wealth that distinguishes us will be irreversibly lost an so the economic activity of the municipality.

Herramienta de planeación con visión integral de futuro y ciudadanizada, para garantizar el crecimiento ordenado y en armonía con la riqueza natural y cultural que distingue al municipio.

¿What do we do?

The management of the Municipal Planning Institute is aimed at developing in two aspects:

  1. The attention to the needs of the municipality and its habitants, that improve the quality of life, allows the socio-cultural and economic development in harmony with the preservation of the enviroment.

  2. The construction and conduct of a citizen goverment, in which the operational planning of the government; Allows the agreement of generating a reorganization of the municipal public administration to improve the provision of public serices, enjoy a safe city and boost the economic and social development of the municipality.

The purpose of the IMPLAN is to streghthen and instituionalize the process of integral strategic participatory planning for medium and long term sustainable development of the Municipality of Banderas Bay (Bahia de Banderas) for which it coordinates the Municipal Systems Management based on results, geographic informatin and statics, democratic planning and performance evaluation.


The IMPLAN has the following structure:

  • Government Board:

    La Junta de Gobierno, es la máxima autoridad y órgano de gobierno del IMPLAN.

  • Citizen Council:

    The Citizen Council is integrated with the Presidents of the Citizen Action Committees, the Presidents of the Councils and Municipal Committees and Delegates and Auxiliary Judges.

  • Technical Council:

    The Technical Advisor Council will be formed by the invitation of the Governing Board and will be integrated into the designated comission work by the Governing Board, indicating but not limited to, the following: Universities, Cooperatives, Organisms of the civil society, trade unions, chambers, associations, CFE, Telmex, Oromaps, etc.

  • General Direction and other Implan Areas.

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